Thermaltake Presents Smart Power Management 2.0

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Press Release

Thermaltake presents the redesigned and improved Smart Power Management 2.0 featuring a new interface that allows users to track and record power usage. The Thermaltake SPM 2.0 platform monitors Thermaltake’s digital power supplies’ lifespan and prevents data loss due to undetected power malfunctions. The new interface offers a better overview of the power supply’s critical information in one glance. The SPM 2.0 features cloud access to record data that can be synchronized with the SPM 2.0 mobile app allowing you to get notifications remotely. Using SPM 2.0, users can easily monitor and control their Thermaltake digital power supply.

Thermaltake's Smart Power Management 2.0 seamlessly integrates three intelligent platforms: DPS G PC APP, DPS G Smart Power Management Cloud, and DPS G Mobile APP. The software compiles key statistics about your PC into detailed charts and breakdowns for your PC management. The SPM platform can be accessed via the desktop app or mobile app allowing users to check on their PC anytime and anywhere.

Brand New Dashboard
The Thermaltake Smart Power Management 2.0 is designed with a contemporary style concise dashboard with a simple layout and several diagrams allowing users to view the overall information regarding their power supply. Once logged in, users can view the total runtime of all PSU’s, the electricity consumption, weekly time of usage bar chart, and average efficiency hollow pie chart.

Independent Power Supply Unit Analysis
Simply select an individual Power Supply and receive detailed data from each Power Supply Unit. Users can see monthly average electricity consumption, daily fan speed and temperature throughout the timeline on a selected date, and the data of how many Watts was outputted on a weekly basis.

Easy Power Management
Users can add, remove, or change the name of the selected power supply through this interface.

Cloud Notification
Cloud Notification data will be updated on a daily basis for users to oversee the status of all power supply units.

ECO Achievement
ECO Achievement page displays the amount of carbon dioxide users have produced through the selected power supply, and it shows how many trees are needed to consume the same amount of carbon dioxide that is produced.

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