Thermaltake Revealing More Of The Level 10 M Mouse

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅05.03.2012 22:10:24

The Level 10 M Gaming Mouse was first unveiled at CES in January and since then Thermaltake have fleshed out the details of the product considerably in preparation for an extensive showcasing of new lines at CeBIT this week. The mouse is pitched firmly at the gaming enthusiast with heavy links to Thermaltakes own Pro-Gaming subsidiary TTeSports. Coupled with sharp looks, aluminium base, and 8900DPi sensor, the Level 10 M has high-end features to please the aspiring pro-gamer in all of us:

Furthermore, the Level 10 M includes what Thermaltake have taken to calling "3D Steering Axis Movement". Sounds complicated, but can be summarised as allowing the user to adjust the mouse grip height 5mm up/down and roll angle by 15 degrees.

The Level 10 M will be available in three colours to suit consumers with quite varied tastes: Diamond Black is ideal for the sophisticated gamer wishing to appear refined; Ivory White should appeal to the the style conscious user with matching all-white peripherals; and Military Green should suit the FPS gamers after something a little different.

Further information on the Thermaltake Level 10 M is available from TTeSports, the Thermaltake gaming brand, and the products dedicated microsite (warning: loud audio).

Source: Via Press Release

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