Thermaltake Reveals CTE E600 MX Chassis at CES 2024

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Press Release

Thermaltake Technology is thrilled to announce the CTE E600 MX E-ATX Mid-tower PC Chassis today and now showcased at the CES2024 in Las Vegas. This cutting-edge Mid-tower chassis marks a significant addition to the award-winning CTE series. The CTE E600 MX inherits Thermaltake’s innovative CTE (Centralized Thermal Efficiency) Form Factor as a dual-chamber mid-tower case. This design concept strongly emphasizes delivering high-level thermal performance to critical chassis components. The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX has a revolutionary 3-way GPU installation option and an interchangeable dual-front panel design for optimal flexibility and PC gaming build customization. It is now available in black, snow, and hydrangea blue editions.

Key Features

The CTE Form Factor
The CTE Form Factor, meticulously designed by Thermaltake, embodies the concept of Centralized Thermal Efficiency. Its primary focus is to deliver top-tier thermal performance to critical components. Achieving this goal involves a clever 90-degree motherboard rotation, optimizing airflow pathways, and ensuring more efficient cooling.

Move Critical Heat Sources Towards Cool Air
The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX has strategically relocated the CPU and graphics card positions. The CPU resides much closer to the front panel, while the graphics card is positioned toward the rear. This deliberate arrangement provides independent cold air induction, effectively dissipating the CPU and graphics card heat.

Three-Way GPU Installation
The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX offers three distinct methods for mounting graphics cards:
> Motherboard Rotation: Rotate the motherboard by 90 degrees, allowing the GPU to align upright within the chassis naturally.
> The Rotational PCI-e Slots: Utilize the rotational PCI-e slots, ensuring the upright GPU faces the side panel.
> Floating GPU Configuration: Employ the enclosed floating GPU bracket along with the pre-configured 400mm long PCI-e 4.0 riser cable. This unique setup allows the graphics card to sit at the center of the chassis, lending gamers battle stations an unconventional and eye-catching appearance.

PCI-e 4.0 Riser Cable 400mm
The enclosed high-quality riser cable adheres to the PCI-e 4.0 Standard, boasting an impressive 16GT/s transfer rate and supporting up to 64 GB/s (bi-directional) data transmission. The pre-configured cable eliminates any potential assembly hiccups, while the dedicated floating GPU bracket further enhances the overall floating GPU configuration.

Dual Interchangeable Front Panels
The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX features two interchangeable front panels: a crystal-clear tempered glass panel and a side panel that delivers an ultra-wide viewing angle for the RGB illustration and Key components inside the chassis. Option 2 is a perforated metal mesh panel. This panel would be the ultimate choice for optimal airflow. When paired with a fan bracket, the panel accommodates up to three 140mm fans or an additional 420mm radiator at the front for exceptional heat dissipation.

Universally Compatible with Cooling Components
The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX E-ATX Mid-tower Chassis has an enormous fan installation capacity: up to twelve 140mm fans or fourteen 120mm fans can be installed in various spots. The chassis can also support up to 420mm radiators in the front, rear, or motherboard side. The front and bottom fan brackets provide an easy and friendly installation experience.

Optimal Cable Management
The Thermaltake CTE E600 MX offers ample space in the right chamber for effective cable management thanks to the dual chamber design. Numerous anchor points are available in this chamber, complimented by Velcro straps and cable ties from the accessory box to ensure a neat and organized setup!

Perfect Dust Protection
The CTE E600 MX chassis features fine removable filters at the top, front, bottom, rear, and right side, offering excellent protection against dust, and are easily removable for convenient cleaning.

Handy I/O Ports
Two USB 3.0 ports, one USB 3.2 Gen 2 Type-C, and HD Audio ports are placed on the top panel to grant direct access when needed.

Thermaltake CTE E600 MX - Hydrangea Blue

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