Thief Joins AMD's Gaming Evolved Stable

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It appears that the next generation of Gaming Evolved titles are slowly being unvield by AMD and their respective developers this week at E3, beginning with the hotly anticipated Thief (formerly Thi4f). Due to be a multiplatform release on the XBOX One, PS4 and PC, the title is set to blend a Victorian Steampunk aesthetic with the graphical enhancements available with AMD hardware in order to produce an atmospheric title of the first order.

The move makes sense for both Eidos and AMD. For the developers, you have closer communication with the developers of graphics hardware in all three next-generation consoles, allowing you to optimise as much as possible for the intended platform. From AMD's perspective, the title becomes a new draw for PC gamers already running or contemplating the purchase of GCN-based GFX, promotes AMD further as a gaming brand, and also helps each console to be the best it can be. For better or worse AMD have a massive stake in the success of every gaming platform now, and can't afford to squander any potential influence.

“The 'THIEF' franchise has a storied history that we are proud to join in this latest installment,” said Matt Skynner, corporate vice president and general manager, Graphics Business Unit, AMD. “We are even more pleased to work so closely with their development team to realize the vision for these games with the incredible gaming performance of a PC powered by AMD Radeon graphics. And as the exclusive hardware partner for 'THIEF,' we continue to demonstrate that the best experience for gamers and developers lives at AMD with the Gaming Evolved program.”

As a Gaming Evolved title, there's also an outside chance that Thief will be part of a new bundle deal at some point in the future, aping the great value offered to gamers by Never Settle and Never Settle Reloaded recently. If so, that's going to be very tempting...

This is unlikely to be the last Gaming Evolved title to be announced this year, and AMD have also announced that the developers of Battlefield 4 will also be working closely with AMD to streamline development. If things turn out as planned, this could bee a very good year for the Red Team.

Source: Via Press Release.

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