Think Big With Enermax Fulmo And Fulmo GT

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Hamburg, 22nd of November 2011. Enermax sets new standards in case segment: The Midi Tower series Fulmo and the Jumbo Tower Fulmo GT impress with their spacious interiors, their extremely powerful cooling systems and the various flexible functions for a user-friendly hardware installation and most comfortable system operation. In terms of design, Enermax relies on a clear, timeless appearance and a massive construction with high-quality mesh elements. The three new models are now available.

Fulmo GT - Giant Tower for High-Performance Hardware

The new Enermax Jumbo Tower enters a new case dimension not only in view of the giant dimensions of 674 x 235 x 640mm, but also in regard to the functionality: Five pre-installed fans, hot-swap dock for HDD and SSD, four USB 3.0 ports with internal 19-pin connector, screwless quick release fasteners for optical drives, most flexible cable management and much more. Fulmo GT easily accommodates oversized HPTX server mainboards, four extra-long graphics cards, ten hard disk drives and up to four optical drives. Apart from hard-core gaming rigs, the new giant Enermax tower can be applied for server systems as well. Therefore, Fulmo GT also supports a redundant power management with two power supplies.

The cooling system is geared up to the needs of a high-performance hardware configuration: The manufacturer equips the voluminous tower with three 18cm Vegas fans that can be regulated by the help of a seamless RPM control. For the first time, Enermax successfully implemented its leading LED technology in a big-size case fan. The patented circular LED light can create up to six different light modes that can be changed with the integrated light button on the top. If necessary, the light can be also switched off.

Fulmo GT (ECA1092AG-BL) is now available. MSRP incl. VAT: 199.90. Technical details and product photos:

Fulmo - Cool Midi-Size Giant

With Fulmo, Enermax overcomes the Midi Tower format limitations that are set in terms of space and performance. With an innovative HDD mounting system, the manufacturer gains space for over-sized graphics cards. The disks are installed vertically on the brackets that can be pulled out to ease the mounting of maximum six 2.5" or four 3.5" disks. Based on the successful concept of the award-winning Hoplite Tower, Enermax further integrated a hot-swap dock for 2.5" or 3.5" HDD and SSD on the case top. Fulmo supports the most current ultra high-speed USB 3.0 standard.

Unlike most available cases, the USB 3.0 interface can be connected with an internal 19-pin connector. That way, the inconvenient and unpleasant cable routing through the back of the case can be avoided.

With in sum eight screwless extension card slots, Fulmo supports high-end systems with up to four graphic cards. Depending on the model, three or five pre-installed fans provide the appropriate cooling performance. The advanced version ECA892AG-BL is additionally equipped with a seamless RPM control for up to three fans. Screwless quick release fasteners for the mounting of extension cards and optical disk drives, a well-thought and efficient cable-management and many other functions assure a quick and convenient system assembling. Enermax Fulmo is the perfect choice for all hardware enthusiasts who love to modify and fine-tune their systems.

The Midi Tower Fulmo is now available in two versions: the basis model (ECA892BG-BL) and the advanced version (ECA892AG-BL) with integrated Vegas fans and a seamless speed control. The latter model costs 94.90 (MSRP incl. VAT). The basis version comes at 74.90 (MSRP incl. VAT). Technical details and product photos at:

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