ThunderX3 Launches Flagship CORE Series Gaming Chairs

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅18.10.2023 15:38:48
Press Release

ThunderX3, a division of Aerocool, is proud to announce the global release of its highly anticipated flagship chair. The CORE Series marks a significant milestone for ThunderX3 as it embarks on a new design direction focused on ergonomics and comfort. The ThunderX3 CORE Series is available in three models, the CORE Modern, CORE Racer, and CORE Loft. The models vary in colour and finish which can either be fabric or leatherette.

The ThunderX3 CORE chair is one of the only gaming chairs in the market that has addressed all the essential ergonomic problems with traditional gaming chairs at its retail price point (starting MSRP £339.95). If you look at its list of features, you might mistake it for a well-equipped office chair. However, ThunderX3 understands that office chairs are often aesthetically dreary, and has provided a glam-up. The chair comes in three colours with the choice of a fabric or leatherette finish, depending on regional availability.

CORE.READY Lumbar Support

One standout feature of the ThunderX3 CORE chair is the “CORE.READY” built-in lumbar support system, which adjusts to your posture in three dimensions and eliminates the need for separate lumbar pillows that often fail to adequately support the spine from top to base. Everything else is a complete internal overhaul of what we might consider a “gaming chair.” The synchronous tilt mechanism, a league above the typical frog or butterfly mechanisms used in gaming chairs, allows your legs to stay planted while you lean back, reducing stiffness and discomfort during extended periods of sitting. With six levels of adjustment - including forward/back seat adjustment, forward tilt for maintaining a more relaxed upright posture, and a winged memory foam pillow - ThunderX3's flagship chair offers customization and support that isn’t just for show.

Pricing and Availability
The ThunderX3 CORE Series gaming chairs are now available on Overclockers UK for £339.95.