Titanfall Floodgates Open

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅17.02.2014 14:01:06

If you signed up to participate in the Titanfall Beta last week on XBOX One or PC but thought you'd missed out on a Beta Key you'd be well advised to check your Origin account. In a tweet by developers Respawn Entertainment it has been revealed that they're intending to (or have already) unlocked Beta status in the Origin accounts of all those who took the time to register for hot Titan on Titan action.

Unfortunately you won't necessarily get an email notifying you of your Beta access, unlike the lucky few who gained it on the Saturday. The best way to check is by logging into your Origin app and looking under 'My Games', which should now list the Titanfall Beta.

If you didn't register fear not, the game proper is due for release on March 11th. Furthermore thanks to how wildly popular this brief tease has been it wouldn't be surprising if Respawn schedule another brief taste closer to launch.

The current beta build (which plays more like a demo if we're honest) consists of three classes, one Titan (the Atlas), two maps and three play modes. Respawn's release version will be much more comprehensive if recent datamining efforts bear out, with 15 unique maps already having been uncovered. A major criticism of the game thus far has been the lack of game modes and maps which this will hopefully nip in the bud; the criticism has been particularly apt given that the game is multiplayer only.

Titanfall Beta is available to play until the 19th February, whilst the full game is set for release on the 11th March in the US and the 13th in the EU for PC and XBOX One. It's exclusive to PC, XBOX One and XBOX 360, with digital versions also available to preorder from EA's Origin service. Origin is also required for play.

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