Tobii Pro Expands Eye Tracking Research Into VR

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅21.06.2017 21:55:23

Tobii Pro expands its eye tracking research for virtual environments (VR). The Tobii Pro VR Integration is a research tool that’s based on the HTC Vive VR headset. Tobii integrated eye tracking technology into the HTC Vive headset and it comes with the Tobii Pro software development kit for research applications. Using this development kit, researchers will be able to acquire and record eye tracking data used in a VR environment with greater accuracy and gain helpful insights regarding human behaviour.

Eye tracking research in immersive virtual reality environments opens up possibilities to study consumer behaviour, psychology and human performance. Using VR, researchers can simulate real-life scenarios they can observe which are far too risky, difficult, costly or dangerous to conduct. Must like in VR gaming, simulations help researchers do studies in a controlled and safe environment.

“Combining eye tracking with VR is growing as a research methodology and our customers have started to demand this technology to be part of their toolkit for behavioural studies. The Tobii Pro VR Integration is our first step in making eye tracking in immersive VR a reliable and effective research tool for a range of fields. It marks our first major expansion of VR-based research tools,” said Tom Englund, president, Tobii Pro.

Watch the video below to learn more about Tobii Pro.

Tobii Pro – Eye Tracking Research

Technology Behind Tobii Pro VR Integration
Tobii Pro VR Integration is a retrofit of the HTC Vive business edition headset with a seamless integration of Tobii eye tracking technology. It is capable of eye tracking all types of eyes, collecting binocular eye tracking data at 120 Hz. The solution allows study participants to move naturally while wearing the headset without compromising the user experience or the output of the eye tracking data.

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