Top-3 Games That Can Be Called Lookalikes Of Skyrim

👤by Vortez News Comments 📅18.01.2021 04:44:53


In 2011 this game was released and right away became the undisputed champion in the number of awards. Skyrim has offered such rich content and such rich and versatile gameplay that players were quite pleased and content with all of that for several years of virtual life. But nothing lasts forever and over time people started feeling bored with it, and began to look for alternatives. If you are late to the party and you have met this problem just now, we got you a simple rating of games that can be called lookalikes of Skyrim. Sometimes finding something interesting in the gaming world can be as hard as finding a place to buy Instagram likes for your account, but we have your back with some clues — and even though you might have some thoughts about what exactly will appear in the TOP of these games, this list is still quite helpful. 


It’s easy to understand why this game got first place — the greatest thing about it is probably the fact that some time ago it switched to a pay and play system, and now you don’t have to waste your money on a monthly subscription. This is a great multiplayer variation of the legendary RPG that took over both advantages and disadvantages from modern MMOs. However it’s still many people’s favorite game to play and if you haven’t yet tried it, you definitely should. 


This is the best PC RPG in recent years and definitely is a worthy alternative to Skyrim.

It has a deep and ramified plot, around 100 detailed and thought-through characters, dozens of decent opponents and hardcore battles. And all of that is spiced with a beautiful fantasy world that has probably no analogues and is a great alternative to Skyrim’s sceneries. 

This game also has branded features from the book cycle of A. Sapkowski: witcher signs and potions, two special swords, a medallion, bargaining for a reward, boards with orders for monsters and so on. All of that is so greatly implemented into the game’s structure that it seems as if it was deliberately invented by a great Polish writer for a video game itself! We don’t even know if this game is one the second place because of a reason, or because there couldn’t be just two first places in this TOP. 


This one is not bad if we talk about the story itself, but that’s it. This game is highly appreciated by gamers because of an eventful plot, a certain impressive number of dialogues and the broadest opportunities to develop relationships with companions. But that’s it: when it comes to battles, weapons and sceneries, it’s very far from the first two games we’ve told you about. Anyhow, this is almost a classic that’s worth checking out just because of a special atmosphere that flows around: that’s the thing that has created a huge fanbase of this game for sure. 



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