Toshiba SG6 Series 64-Layer 3D Flash Client SSD Unveiled

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.08.2017 19:57:41

Toshiba unveils its newest client SSD offering that uses the 64-layer, 3D flash technology – the Toshiba SG6 Series SATA SSDs. The Toshiba SG6 is available in M.2 2280 and 2.5-inch form factors. Thanks to Toshiba’s cutting-edge 64-layer, 3-bit-per-cell (TLC) BiCS Flash, the SG6 SATA SSDs are available in capacities of up to 1024GB delivering performance of up to 550MB/s sequential read and 535MB/s sequential write.

Toshiba’s BiCS FLASH pushed the SG6 Series to comply SATA Revision 3.3 using 6.0 gbit/s interface. The improved flash memory performance and management also made the SG6 power efficient consuming up to 40% less power compared to previous generation flash products. Such power saving feature will help portable computing devices achieve longer battery life.

The Toshiba SG6 Series SSDs will be available in three capacities, 256GB, 512GB and 1024GB aimed for mainstream mobile and desktop PCs. Security needs will be addressed by offering self-encrypting drive (SED) models supporting TCG Opal Version 2.01. The SG6 SSD series also supports Toshiba’s proprietary QSBC (Quadruple Swing-By Code) error-correction technology, an efficient error correction code (ECC) that helps to protect customer data from corruption and improves reliability, realizing efficient and accurate data processing.

Toshiba 3D flash memory BiCS FLASH

The Toshiba SG6 series will be showcased at the 2017 Flash Memory Summit in Santa Clara, CA, USA, from August 8 to 10 in booth #407. Samples are currently shipping to customers with general availability later this year.

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