Transcend Introduces Industrial-Grade DDR4-3200 Memory Modules

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Press Release

Transcend Information, Inc. announces the release of industrial-grade DDR4-3200 memory modules to optimize data transmission in the 5G era. The Transcend industrial-grade DDR4-3200 memory modules will feature high-transmission bandwidth at 3200MHz, low latency, and low power consumption, running at 1.2V. The line-up will consist of Unbuffered Long-DIMM, Unbuffered SO-DIMM, ECC Long-DIMM, ECC SO-DIMM, and Registered Long-DIMM. This variety of industrial-grade memory modules aim to address the varied and strict form-factor requirements of different markets. The industrial-grade DDR4-3200 memory modules fully comply with JEDEC specifications and are optimized for Intel, AMD, and Arm processors. Transcend’s Industrial-Grade DDR4-3200 Memory Modules are designed for various applications from gaming PC to enterprise-class systems.

Major-grade DRAM chips sourced directly from first-tier manufacturers
Transcend sources every DRAM chip it uses in industrial-grade memory modules directly from the world’s most reputable manufacturers. These ICs are rated “major-grade”, meaning they are originally branded and trademarked, and undergo the original manufacture’s in-house testing procedures to manifest the highest standard of quality.

For embedded desktops, high-end laptops, and edge computing
As industries begin utilizing 5G infrastructure, demand for high-performance, large-capacity memory grows. Transcend’s DDR4-3200 memory modules feature capacities from 8GB to 32GB, enabling overclocking for high-end servers, computers, workstations, unmanned devices, AI-powered equipment, and smart systems from the core to the edge.

Low power consumption at 1.2V
DDR4 memory cuts energy needs by running at just 1.2V. These modules consume far less power than their predecessors DDR3, DDR2, and DDR. While the world prepares for future memory-hungry core processors and motherboards, the DDR4 keeps its energy budget low.

Future-compatible memory that transmits data at 3200MT/s
In the 5G era, large volumes of data are being generated and processed in real-time by connected edge devices, blurring the line between telecommunications and computer networking. This creates a need for short response times and low redundancy. DDR4-3200 memory modules feature low latency and ultra-high transfer speeds at 3200MT/s, fueling the 5G revolution by meeting data transmission and computing demands.

Industrial-Grade DDR4-3200 Product Line-up Specifications
Module Types: Unbuffered Long-DIMM, Unbuffered SO-DIMM, ECC Long-DIMM, ECC SO-DIMM, Registered Long-DIMM
Speed: 3200MHz
Voltage: 1.2V
Capacity: 8GB to 32GB
Standard Operating Temperature: 0°C to 85°C

To learn more, visit the Transcend website.

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