Try Dragon Age Inquisition, For Free

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅15.07.2015 18:02:14

With all the games released on PC these days it's sometimes easy to let one slide, especially if you're not quite sure whether your PC can meet the sort of pixel-crunching power it demands. One such title that many of us missed out on last year was Dragon Age: Inquisition, but EA have now started an offer sure to tempt this untapped pool of players.

From today you'll be able to download and install a Trial Edition of Dragon Age: Inquisition through the Origin client, absolutely tree. This version of the game will allow you access to six hours of the single player campaign - long enough to try it out, both to see if it's for you and to find out if your PC can handle it. Not only that, the trail version gives unlimited access to DA:I multiplayer, including both multiplayer expansion packs and the weekend multiplayer events.

The trial is only available through the Origin client, and if you later decide to buy the full version any character progress you make will be carried over automatically. A full version is currently sold for 49.99, but frequently discounted.

Hopefully EA will open up more titles to this sort of trial, especially now that Origin seems to be gathering pace, if for no other reason than it allows users the opportunity to test in-game performance. With so many demanding titles published by EA every year, and minimum/recommended specs being relatively unreliable, trials and demos are an excellent way to dispel gamer unease.