Tt eSPORTS announce Cooperation with Gamerbase

👤by Roderick Sam Comments 📅09.02.2011 19:51:23

Press Release

Tt eSPORTS is glad to announce co-operation with the UK's Premier LAN Centre Gamerbase, which are based inside the UK's Biggest Music & Entertainment Retail Store HMV. The co-operation between Tt eSPORTS and Gamerbase in the UK began towards the end of 2010, where Tt eSPORTS offered to supply Gamerbase with the latest range of Tt eSPORTS Peripherals and Thermaltake Hardware.

Now Tt eSPORTS products can be found at Gamerbase's Flagship store in London located in the Trocadero Centre. At this Gamerbase Venue you can see a full range of Tt eSPORTS products available for all visitors to use while visiting and competing at the centre.

The Trocadero Gamerbase has been supplied with Thermaltake Cases, Power Supplies and CPU Coolers as well as some great Tt eSPORTS peripherals such as the Black Gaming Mouse, Shock Headset, Challenger Pro Keyboard and the Dasher Mousepad which we hope all gamers who visit the centre will enjoy using.

We believe with the support of Gamerbase in the UK, we can bring a lot more fun, excitement and enjoyable experiences to the eSPORTS and gaming scenes in Europe, so in 2011, we hope to continue this co-operation and carry on with the "Esports Lifestyle" that Tt eSPORTS is trying to help create in the UK and Europe.

Tt eSPORTS are lovers of gaming and we want to support eSPORTS and it's surrounding communities at UK events such as Multiplay iSeries, EpicLAN, Vita Nova LAN and of course our own Tt eSPORTS UK Challenges.

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