Tt eSPORTS announces Azurues Gaming Mouse

👤by Roderick Sam Comments 📅13.11.2010 01:15:30

Press Release

Tt eSPORTS, the world’s leading professional gaming gear division by Thermaltake, is proud to announce AZURUES, the newest optical gaming mouse. Its concept is simple and its focus is to help players beat out their opponents.

The Azurues is a sure hit. It has the option of switching between three different DPIs, 1600/800/400 providing superb gaming movement. It is the most ideal weapon for First-person shooting games. The specially designed Teflon feet on the bottom of the mouse maximize the movement activities. It is rubber coated to allow for easier hand grip control. The removable weights underneath the mouse add that extra touch that lets users customize the weight of their own mouse. All in all, the Azurues is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a no frills mouse that’s aimed to make any gamer come out on top.

• Powerful 1600 dip optical engine provides
superb accuracy and precision
• Adjustable dip(400/800/1600); ideal
weaponry for any FPS gamers
• Weight-in design to let gamers adjusting
the mouse weight for perfect handing
• Pause-break lighting system to engage
for gaming atmosphere

For more information on Tt eSPORTS and its products visit the website

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