Tt eSPORTS at Computex 2011.

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Computex Taipei 2011 – Day 1 Summary

We're back here again!
Another managers meeting, another Taiwan game show another booth with babes, tech and loud music.

We are here once again in Taiwan (only at half strength, Tatyana and Eric are abroad) to promote our brand Tt eSPORTS.

What is Computex?

Computex is the world 3rd largest computer festival, designed solely for computer companies and corporate customers (it is not open to the public).
Here at computex, companies build new relationships, have business meetings, showcase new products and of course, go out to the clubs after hours.

What are Tt doing at computex?

Besides meeting up with companies and people from back home we are here to showcase our new products that are coming out on the market. Below I will give a short description of each product and some features;


The MEKA G Unit is Tt eSPORTS' new 'top of the range' mechanical keyboard. It features cherry black mechanical keys, extended audio and microphone ports, illuminated keys and 1000hz polling rate.

Main Features
- 1000hz Polling Rate
- Cherry Black Mechanical keys
- Illuminated keys
- Built-in memory (64kb)
- Media buttons

Each other product will be showcased day by day, keep posted for all the information!

Other products;
- Landon waterproof Mouse pad
- Theron Laser Mouse
- Sephira FPS Mouse
- Shock Spin HD Headset
- Azurues Mini FPS mouse
- Tt eSPORTS Dragon carry Bag

Not only do we have all of these awesome products to showcase, we have our very own SC2 player, White-Ra here to join us.
So keep checking back in this thread, there will be many more products to see, pictures of the lovely both babes and interviews with the one and only White-Ra.

Have a look at the video below;


Computex Taipei – Day 2 Summary

Computex Taipei, is an exciting and eventful exhibit where brands are always trying to show off the latest technology and Tt eSPORTS is doing something similar, however, we are not just focussing on highlighting all our great new additions to the product range, but are focussing on sharing the passion and entertainment lifestyle to everyone around us, whether you are in Europe, USA, Australia or Asia.

Tt eSPORTS are very active throughout this whole week at Computex 2011, where already we’ve had Aleksey “White-Ra” Krupnyk attend our stand and compete against Tt Apollo Softball in some fantastic show matches where everyone can see exactly why both players are representing us here at Tt eSPORTS.

At the stand yesterday we have you some details about the new MEKA G-UNIT and for day 3 we will be looking to bring you an exciting video with “White-Ra” about the new mechanical keyboard, which features macro and media keys, using Cherry black switches.

For day 2 we will go in to a bit more detail about the new Sephira FPS mouse which was shown for the first time yesterday at Computex Taipei 2011. The Sephira is another product we’ve developed based on all the feedback we get from the gamers around the world because Tt eSPORTS is striving to offer all gamers choice based on what suit’s them, as we at Tt eSPORTS know all gaming peripherals are very personalised for each gamer.

Some more information about the Sephira:

Main Features

- USB Interface
- Optical Sensor
- 400 – 3500 DPI
- 5 Buttons
- FPS Mouse
- Braided Cable

Also at Tt eSPORTS we like to make a real show of everything we do and love to offer the entertainment lifestyle to everyone who see’s us at the show, and this is done with our live gaming action and of course our lovely Tt eSPORTS show girls, who are regularly doing a fantastic dance routine at our booth, so if your at Computex make sure you don’t miss it!

Thanks for checking us out and Computex 2011, and look out tomorrow for some fantastic opportunities to win some signed “White-Ra” Products as well as his interview about the new MEKA G-UNIT and of course another update about our latest products and happenings on the stand.

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