Tt eSPORTS "LADON" Mouse Pad Release

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅09.09.2011 14:13:53


Tt eSPORTS is proudly announcing the latest Tt eSPORTS gaming mouse pad LADON. Modernized and designed specifically for pro-gamers and fanatics, LADON gives you that extra ‘smooooth-ness’ when gliding your mouse. Continuing from the successful introductions of Dasher and Conkor mouse pads, LADON is shocking the world of mouse with pure comfort and ultimate handling when gaming FPS or MMORPG.

Tt eSPORTS’ superb research capability and visual aesthetic design co-exist in each product, and LADON is no exception. Durability and Sturdy Non-Slip Design provide gamers a greater satisfaction when gaming requires effective precision. Hand-sewing mouse pad edge represents Tt eSPORTS’ uncompromised dedication to supreme quality in LADON. We want gamers to experience the passion Tt eSPORTS have injected in each products, and through LADON gaming mouse pad we share that each exquisite knitting craft because we care about your mouse pad more than you do!

The degree of handling with LADON is significantly setting apart from other mouse pad, with Unique Sensor Reflection technology consists of high-density micro fiber gives gamer précised gaming control, and natural rubber base guarantees LADON stays where your hand is at.

Gaming has never felt better, with Tt eSPORTS LADON mouse pad.

-Dimension (LxWxH): 360x300x3mm

-Ultra-Thin Fiber and Nature Rubber Base, ensuring Mouse Pad Stays in Place.

-Ideal for MMORPG Game Genre’s Demands in Précised Control and Movement.

-Perfect Match with Tt eSPORTS AZURUES or AZURUES Mini mouse.

Tt eSPORTS "LADON" Mouse Pad Release – Smoothly Wild LADON Mouse Pad –

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