Turtle Beach Launches Play With Purpose Program

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅22.04.2022 17:30:35
Press Release

As the world celebrates Earth Day 2022, Turtle Beach launches the “Play With Purpose” program with the objective of establishing the company’s environmental, social, and governance goals to further improve global impact. The Company’s Play with Purpose program, along with its ESG Policy adopted by its Board of Directors, formalizes the Company’s ESG initiatives and sets goals that are and will continue to be, a vital part of Turtle Beach Corporation’s business.

Available on the Company’s corporate website, Play with Purpose highlights Turtle Beach Corporation’s current and future initiatives and goals to reduce its carbon footprint, eliminate plastic packaging, reduce packaging size, and add carbon impact labels on select products across its Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Microphones brands. Beyond Turtle Beach Corporation’s ESG goals, Play with Purpose also provides insight into the Company’s diversity and inclusion and community involvement commitments.

Reducing Plastic Use and More Efficient Shipping
One of Turtle Beach Corporation’s commitments to date includes reducing plastic use in packaging by 88% (by weight) for the Company’s Stealth 600 Gen 2 headset for Xbox (as compared to the original Stealth 600 Xbox headset model). In addition, with other headset models, plastic use was reduced by 87%-96% (by weight). Turtle Beach Corporation has also re-engineered product packaging over time to reduce the overall size and allow for more efficient shipping, which reduces the carbon output associated with shipping products.

Carbon Neutral Products
By 2023, the Company aims to introduce carbon neutral products and place carbon impact labeling on select products. Turtle Beach’s ESG team is investigating potential sources of post-consumer recycled plastics (PCR) and ways to best integrate PCRs into future products. By 2024, the goal is to incorporate at least 10% PCRs into select products. These actions will not only minimize Turtle Beach Corporation’s environmental impact, but will also enable Turtle Beach, ROCCAT, and Neat Microphones customers to make informed purchasing decisions that support a more sustainable lifestyle.

Workplace Diversity
Turtle Beach Corporation’s Play with Purpose program is also about more than the environment. Indeed, the Company has always taken a strong position to support diversity and inclusion, along with steadfast community support and interaction. The Company believes workplace diversity creates an environment where different perspectives lead to improved creativity, productivity, team member engagement, and overall employee happiness. To embrace diversity, Turtle Beach has taken initiatives such as working with diversity-focused, specialized job sites to increase the diversity of its candidate pool.

Working with Community
In addition to the Company’s long-standing in-house diversity efforts, over 60% of Turtle Beach Corporation’s roster of external gaming partners and creator talent come from under-represented groups in gaming. Turtle Beach Corporation also supports the broader community by giving back to causes that we, along with our customers and our partners, care strongly about. For example, in 2020, in support of social justice reform Turtle Beach Corporation partnered with Roc Nation and Team Roc to provide financial support for The Gathering for Justice and Until Freedom. Also, in 2021 Turtle Beach announced a long-term partnership with GLSEN to support LGBTQ+ gamers.

Learn more about the Play with Purpose program at the Turtle Beach website.