Two New Low Cost Cooler Master CPU Coolers Incoming

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅11.10.2012 18:46:21

There's been a bit of a lull in new cooling products recently, but it appears that Cooler Master are making up for the drought with two new coolers this month for the low-cost end of the market. Both come in at the <25 Euro (~20) mark, the principle selling point being raw bang-for-your-buck.

The first up is the Hyper T4, a relatively standard affair with Cooler Master's Direct Contact heatpipe technology to ensure optimum heat transference between CPU and heatpipe. The cooler is fitted with four heatpipes and aluminium fins in a relatively tall (150mm) and thin (only 51mm deep) arrangement which will diminish the cooling potential of the tower somewhat. To compensate, it is bundled with a 120mm PWM fan rated for between 600 and 1800 rpm. Mounting options are the standard LGA2011/1155/775/AM2/AM3, though as befitting it's low price it may not be the most suitable for extremely high overclocks on high-end CPUs.

The second cooler is the more budget-orientated Blizzard T2, priced at a very reasonable 14.90 Euro's (~12). The design innovates through the use of a patented 'Dual-Loop' system which bends the heatpipes back on themselves, in effect using two heatpipes to perform close to that of four in the same footprint.

The heat transfer surface also uses their Continuous Direct Contact technology, so in theory it's should be a pretty good performer for the price. Though tall at 140mm, the Blizzard T2 is narrow (93mm) and quite thin (81mm inc. fan), restricting fan compatibility to its 92mm PWM bracket-mounted fan. That sounds ideal for a low-cost Core i3 or AMD APU build to me, though you'll need to double-check case side-panel clearance.

The coolers should be at retailers across Europe this month, though we have no word on the US release.

Source: Cooler Master UK

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