Ubisoft Confirm Watch Dogs Release Date

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅06.03.2014 15:23:44

The long wait from E3 2012 is almost at an end. Watch Dogs, one of the most highly anticipated games over the past couple of years, has just had its release date officially announced by Ubisoft following a leak on XBOX.com earlier today. That date is the 27th May 2014.

In Watch Dogs you are Aiden Pierce, a man living in a future Chicago where personal information and technology is controlled by a Central Operating System and exploited by the powerful. It's up to you to take down this corrupt system.

Whilst the plot appears to fall into a number of well trodden stereotypes, it's fair to say that most of those truly enthused by Watch Dogs have been salivating at the modern-day open world gameplay which has more reliance on your wits compared to a typical shooter. The game will hopefully be far deeper mechanically than the above trailer indicates, holding true to the promise of the original E3 reveal.

Watch Dogs will be available on PC, PS3, PS4, XBOX 360 and XBOX One. Prices start from 32.99 at pre-order, which a number of special editions available that include extra content or in-game rewards. As always, we'd suggest waiting on reviews before putting your money down, just in case it doesn't live up to expectations.

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