Ul Teases 3DMark Speed Way DirectX 12 Benchmark

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.03.2022 00:01:17

Ul have just unveiled their newest benchmark test that's set to be integrated into the ubiquitous 3DMark benchmarking suite at some point in 2022. 3DMark Speed Way will join Time Spy and Fire Strike as part of the array of tools available to professionals and consumers alike that collectively put graphics cards and systems through their paces, providing a means for owners to compare performance objectively.

3DMark Speed Way aims to lead the way in benchmarking with the next generation of graphics rendering technologies that will power games in the near future. Chiefly, it uses both ray traced lighting and real-time global illumination to constructing images, alongside some of the cutting-edge features available through DirectX12 Ultimate (notably including mesh shaders and variable rate shading).

The benchmark has been created in partnership with Lenovo, and will feature their branding heavily throughout (particularly the Legion gaming sub-division as show in the images above).

It seems likely that Speed Way will supersede Port Royal as the go-to canned ray tracing benchmark given its broader capabilities. For the time being however the duo of Time Spy and Fire Strike don't appear to be going anywhere.

3DMark Speed Way will be available through Steam later this year.

SOURCE: Ul.com

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