Update: Intel Continue to Ship Faulty 6 Series Chipset

👤by Roderick Sam Comments 📅08.02.2011 18:03:00

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It would seem that from the update on Intel’s Newsroom some very selected companies who pre configure whole systems for the consumer market will continue to receive shipments of the affected 6 series chipset. I guess this means that PC makers who won’t use the effected SATA ports will still be able to continue selling.

This is fine for the vast majority of consumers as they won’t update their systems to potentially use the faulty SATA ports but it doesn’t mean to say that not everyone will inadvertently or not use them. A strange move by Intel but I’m sure that this has to be down largely to a lot of pressure to get the issue fixed as it will be manufacturers and resellers who will be hit the hardest.

Intel have also stated that they expect to ship the new parts in mid February so whilst it has been a damaging blip for Intel we should see shipments of the 6 Series chipset hitting our shores in the near future.

Interestingly if you are still desperate for the 6 series chipset some sellers still have stock to purchase, even stock Intel boards.



Intel Newsroom

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