Using Softphones for Business: The Effective Alternative to Good Old Telephone Hardware

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What is VoIP?

Bbusinesses keep giving up the traditional tools and hardware like landlines. And it is only natural for them to move on to modern systems like VoIP. It is short for the Voice over Internet Protocol, allowing users to make phone and video calls via an Internet connection. In other words, it exempts users from additional expenses and the need to utilize or maintain outdated stationary hardware.

That leads to an even more crucial point that when combined with call tracking solutions like Phonexa, companies can make the most of their business calls. For instance, receiving detailed insights into demographics and audience behavior allows optimizing all the marketing efforts smartly and efficiently. Besides, utilizing in-depth lead analytics guarantees businesses the ability to personalize every customer’s journey and create appealing lead gen campaigns in the future. 

The Key Features of VoIP

Seamless and effortless setup
Availability of virtual phone numbers
Economic essence
Fast integration with other apps
Compatibility with multiple devices

How It Works

It requires a stable Internet connection.
The app needs to be installed on all the devices you are planning to use.
To use it, you need a headset or a granted access to the microphone and video camera on your device.

The softphone app can be easily downloaded and used regardless of the device or operating system.

Benefits of Using Softphones

There are benefits at play that can reduce the time spent on negotiations and keep the costs down, like:

Friendly pricing options and different deals for small to large businesses
No additional maintenance is required
Flexibility and on-the-go access to the application
Making and receiving phone and video calls regardless of the device
Simple integration with CRM
Extra features designed for team communication and collaboration
Seamless setup
Guaranteed user privacy
No phone line required

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