Vimeo Now Offers Live Streaming, HDR and 360 Support

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅20.12.2017 03:32:03

As the year ends, Vimeo celebrates it big with new features and huge improvements including the new Vimeo Live that offers full HD streaming and live chat with a wide array of marketing tools for you to use. Along with Vimeo Live comes 360 Video and HDR support allowing users to upload 360 video content and support for more colours to complete immersive and lifelike videos.

Vimeo Live

Vimeo Live offers to broadcast in full HD of up to 1080p with no ads before, during and after your event for a pure uninterrupted live streaming. It features cloud transcoding, an adaptive streaming feature that offers the best quality for viewers across all devices and platforms, even for those with limited bandwidth.

Vimeo Live features advanced privacy options where you can set the live stream to the public or a selected few. Get the freedom to choose your ideal RTMP encoder for your workflow. It also has customizations and embedding tools to embed the Vimeo live player in your website and other places and use your own logo, designs and colours if desired. Learn more about Vimeo Live at

Vimeo 360

Vimeo now supports high quality 360 videos of up to 8K resolution. Enjoy Vimeo’s 4K Ultra HD player, high-resolution videos and offline viewing. It uses two-pass transcoding and sports monoscopic and stereoscopic support. Learn more about Vimeo 360 at

HDR Support

Vimeo now supports HDR colour-optimized videos. With Vimeo supporting 10-bit video, videos and images are clearer and cleaner, allowing Vimeo to upgrade from its 16 million colour support to 1 billion colours supported. With BT.2020 (or Rec.2020) support and wider colour gamuts (WCG), your image will now represent over 75% of the colour that the human eye can see. That’s a big change: most modern color gamuts in videos are limited to a 35% colour range. But with BT.2020, we can truly depict your deepest reds, brightest greens, and darkest blacks like never before.

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