Vive Pro Virtual Reality System for Business

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Vive launches the Vive Pro Virtual Reality System specifically created for enterprise use to develop VR experiences for businesses. The Vive Pro delivers on the business’ demand for VR experiences such as improved audio, higher resolution, improved comfort as well as extended tracking area and ease of installation behind a company firewall. Vive Pro offers businesses the tool to create VR products that will meet the demands of today’s advanced and innovative VR users. Vive already has many clients, including Volkswagen Group, Airbus and Raymond Corporation, that already uses Vive VR systems for training and simulation applications.

Vive Pro Teaser at CES 2018

Vive Pro Innovates for Business

The Vive Pro Virtual Reality System delivers the most complete experience available for businesses that use or are built on VR. The headset’s superior resolution enhances immersion for commercial users, and the improved clarity means text, graphics and overall experience are true-to-life. The Vive Pro sports integrated, high-performance headphones with a built-in amplifier for a heightened sense of presence and an overall richer sound which is critical for businesses using VR. The Vive Pro Virtual Reality System was strategically built with enhanced ergonomics to ensure long-wear comfort for professional users.

Seamless Service and Integration

Vive Enterprise Advantage and Advantage+ professional services offer two levels of commercial licensing, dedicated support, and service utilities for the Vive Pro Virtual Reality System. Each service aims to provide purchase protection with tailored hardware warranties, dedicated support, limited downtime and advanced device management utilities. With this bundled best-in-class VR solution and protection, businesses gain the control and flexibility to manage Vive deployments and updates securely and with ease.

Vive Pro In The Works

With the HTC Vive Pro powered by NVIDIA VR-Ready Quadro workstation-class graphics, it delivers enterprise-grade VR experience and performance with great reliability and stability. NVIDIA VR Ready Quadro graphics provide the capabilities essential for high-fidelity VR experiences across professional applications. The Quadro P5000 offers an excellent entry point for those in need of the highest quality VR experience.

Airbus is implementing Vive across their organization to streamline operations and facilitate collaboration. The Raymond Corporation, on the other hand, has deployed Vive across their business space to provide advanced, hands-on forklift instruction that is designed to improve operator skills and build confidence, as well as help retain employees and keep them learning. Also, Volkswagen Group has implemented Vive-powered VR in a numerous way, through their Volkswagen Digital Reality Hub Group, with the most recent advancement to train employees in logistics and production using VR.

Pricing, Bundling and Availability
The Vive Pro Virtual Reality System retails for £1,299 and includes the Vive Pro HMD, SteamVR tracking 2.0, two base stations and two controllers. The Vive Pro supports space dimension of 6 x 6 meters out of the box and will support up to 10 x 10 meters with multiple base stations. Individual base stations will be available for purchase separately at a later date. For more information, visit

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