Vortez @ Computex - CRYORIG's OLA, TAKU and H7 Quad Lumi

👤by Tim Harmer Comments 📅01.06.2016 04:18:48

Vortez is on-site at Computex2016 in Taipei this year, bringing you new products and hints of what's to come from the leading lights of the PC technology industry. Our first video feature is with cooling specialists CRYORIG, who are showcasing a trio of new designs set to enter the market in the not too distant future. Check it out below:

We've already introduced the CRYORIG H7 Quad Lumi, a new heatsink developed in collaboration with an unlikely ally: NZXT. Seeking to marry a new aesthetic twist to the key cooling performance of the H7, CRYORIG turned to NZXT's now-mature CAM software control system to not only incorporate RGB illumination, but also a high level of control to the matter. Rather than competing, the companies chose to come together to improve the overall user experience for all their customers.

Not only does the new design bring with it controllable RGB LED lighting, it also features an additional heatpipe for improved performance over the standard H7. The H7 QUAD Lumi has a tentative target retail price of around $50, and it will hopefully see release in the 2016 holiday period.


Next up is the TAKU, the first of two brand new chassis designs for small form factor mini-ITX system. Offering a rare perspective on the SFF chassis formula, the TAKU acts as both monitor stand and system housing. The chassis on display is at the early prototype stage so not a whole lot is concrete about the design, but there are a few aspects that are close to nailed down.

Internally, components including the GPU are laid out horizontally rather than a more standard configuration, leading to a far lower profile than is typical even with mini-ITX. The GPU, which can be dual-slot and currently up to 240mm in length, is connected via a PCI-E riser card to maintain the slim-line design. Rather than a bulky ATX PSU, the TAKU can utilise a 10mm or 13mm SFX form factor PSU. Naturally both the CPU cooler clearance and overall ventillation will be restrictive, and a key design challenge will be keeping components both cool and quiet.

CRYORIG are currently projecting a late 2017 or early 2018 release for the TAKU, at around the $200 price point.


Almost the polar opposite of the TAKU, CRYORIG's OLA small form factor chassis rounds out their new product teases for Computex this year. In design it's a cylindrical PC chassis for mini-ITX systems that stands vertically, with an aesthetic design intended to let it blend into the modern living room. No blinking lights are on display, only a polished metal finish that camouflages the components inside.

OLA's party trick is quite special indeed in this world of obsure tastes in furnatire design buttressed to a on-size fits all ethos for chassis design. When it's launched Cryorig are intending to offer a range of cylindrical fascia types, both metal and finished wood, to let the system blend in to your own unique living room.

Despite the uncommon looks, the OLA can still house high-performance components including 280mm-long GPUs and high performance mini-ITX CPU's and motherboards. A vertical orientation should also aid in cooling, and the blower cooler on the GTX 1080 Founder's Edition would be ideal for this set-up. As with all SFF chassis, but especially so for those intending to reside in a living room, CRYORIG will need to ensure that low-noise and excellent cooling are central to the finished design.

Like the TAKU, OLA is currently in an early prototype stage. Its anticipated release is Q1/Q2 2017, and will also be aiming at the discerning $200 chassis market.

Our thanks to Steve from CRYORIG for taking the time out to answer our questions, and stay tuned for more from Computex2016.