Vortez Visits ASUS Republic of Gamers: Next-Gen Gaming Innovations at COMPUTEX 2024

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ASUS Republic of Gamers joins COMPUTEX 2024 and presents its next-generation gaming innovations including their latest peripherals, desktop components, laptops, and the recently introduced ROG Ally X gaming handheld.

We came to the ASUS ROG booth at COMPUTEX and found the following next-gen gaming products on display.

Next-Gen ROG Maximus Hero BTF Motherboard

ASUS launched the Back-To-the-Future (BTF) series of products and solutions last year. The Next-Gen ROG Maximus Hero BTF motherboard, supporting Arrow Lake starting in 2H 2024, is designed to create cleaner cable management and a minimalist aesthetic.

Its hidden-connector design conceals connectors beneath the motherboard, offering unparalleled cable management for DIY enthusiasts. The motherboard also features a graphics card high-power slot, supporting the graphics card high-power (GC-HPWR) gold finger on ASUS BTF graphics cards, delivering up to 600 watts through the motherboard. The PCIe Slot Q-Release Slim mechanism simplifies upgrades and maintenance, eliminating the need for tricky latches or buttons.

Users can effortlessly release their graphics card from the slot by tilting it towards the latching mechanism. With its innovative design and compatibility with next-gen Intel processors, the Next-Gen ROG Maximus Hero BTF motherboard sets a new standard for DIY PC assembly, empowering users to build sleek, high-performance systems with ease.

ROG Azoth Extreme Keyboard

The ROG Azoth Extreme keyboard features a superior build quality with a crafted aluminium-alloy chassis and metal top frame while achieving an impressive 8K polling rate in wireless mode and maintaining battery life of over 1600 hours, thanks to ROG SpeedNova technology and the Polling Rate Booster.

The Azoth Extreme comes with an upgraded full-colour OLED touchscreen. Inside the chassis is an adjustable gasket mount, so users can easily toggle between two preferred cushioned typing feels via a quick-flip switch. To enhance the typing experience, the carbon fibre positioning plate offers crisp typing sounds and helps absorb keystroke vibrations, while the extended silicone wrist rest ensures prolonged typing comfort.

The Azoth Extreme is also built in with pre-lubed ROG NX mechanical switches and sound-dampening foams, providing smoother keystrokes with better acoustics. With tri-mode connection support, users can switch between Bluetooth, low-latency 2.4 GHz RF wireless mode, or standard wired USB as the situation demands.

ROG Harpe Ace Extreme Wireless Mouse

The ROG Harpe Ace Extreme gaming mouse features a carbon fibre composite shell for unmatched weight-to-strength ratio, ensuring structural durability and aesthetics. Its pro-tested, 47 gram design guarantees maximum stability and control during intense gaming sessions, and the ROG AimPoint Pro optical sensor with 42,000 dpi offers ultra-precise tracking.

With ROG Optical Micro Switches, users can expect crisp and instant actuation with an astounding 100-million-click lifespan. The mouse also supports tri-mode connectivity, providing flexibility with wired USB, low-latency 2.4 GHz RF, and Bluetooth mode. Additionally, the mouse comes with an array of accessories, including the ROG Polling Rate Booster.

The ROG Harpe Ace Extreme has undergone a glow-up as well, now supporting a true 8000 Hz wireless polling rate for ultrafast wireless responsiveness and minimal input delay. A set of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 mouse feet is also included, perfect for users who prefer fast movements while maintaining superior control on a cloth pad. Other accessories coming with the mouse include anti-slip grip tape, a cleaning kit, and a display stand.

ROG Delta II Headset

The ROG Delta II headset offers tri-mode connectivity, allowing users to connect via Bluetooth, or ultra-low latency 2.4 GHz with ROG SpeedNova wireless technology and a wired 3.5 mm analogue connection.

DualFlow audio enables simultaneous audio playback and conversation switching from two connected 2.4 wireless and Bluetooth devices, while the 50 mm titanium-plated diaphragm driver and refined wireless sound signature deliver balanced, authentic and detailed sound, not just for gaming but also music tracks.

Gamers can deliver detailed, clear voice even during intense moments with the 10 mm super-wideband microphone and enjoy extended gaming sessions with up to 110 hours of battery life.

Prototype AIO Cooler: ROG Minimal Tubing AIO Cooler

At the ASUS ROG booth is a prototype all-in-one liquid cooler that features “minimal tubing”. The AIO cooler has its inlet and outlet located in the middle of the radiator allowing it to have shorter tubing.

Display straightened and flexed

Aside from shorter tubing, the prototype AIO cooler also appears to have a large panoramic display – a 6.7-inch flexible AMOLED display which wraps from the front to the side of the waterblock.

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