WDs MAMR Technology Could Enable 40TB HDDs By 2025

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.10.2017 20:10:40

Western Digital recently introduced the worlds first 14-Terabyte enterprise-class hard disk drive, the Ultrastar Hs14 14TB. It aims to address the need of higher-capacity storage solutions for cloud and hyperscale data centres. The Ultrastar Hs14 14TB offers 40% more capacity and more than twice the sequential write performance compared to its SMR predecessor. The hard drive features HelioSeal Technology and the Second Generation SMR Technology. Today, Western Digital introduces a new breakthrough, the next-generation technology in delivering the highest capacity hard drives the Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Record (MAMR) Technology.

What is Microwave-Assisted Magnetic Record (MAMR) Technology?

WDs MAMR technology is the latest innovation to significantly improve areal densities of hard disk drives. In addition to HelioSeal helium-filled drive technology, MAMR also builds upon micro actuation and recording head manufacturing technologies. While WD is also developing other technologies like Heat-Assisted Magnetic Recording (HAMR) technology, MAMR demonstrates the reliability and cost profile that meets the demands of data centre operators. MAMR recording temperature is similar to PMR while HAMR requires temperatures above 650C during write. The higher heat required for HAMR impacts reliability of the media, head and interface materials.

MAMR Technology in Future HDDs

Western Digitals innovative MAMR technology is expected to offer over 4 terabits-per-square-inch over time. With sustained improvements in recording density, MAMR promises to enable hard drives with 40TB of capacity and beyond by 2025, and continued expansion beyond that timeframe.

Learn more about Western Digital MAMR technology visit, http://innovation.wdc.com/