Western Digital Introduces 10TB WD Purple Hard Drive

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅04.04.2017 22:45:27

The Western Digital Surveillance-Class WD Purple hard drive just got an upgrade and is now available in capacities of up to 10TB. This addresses the need for larger capacity hard drives for surveillance applications given the growth of 4K-compliant and high-definition resolution network cameras which is expected to rise for the coming years. The WD Purple 10TB hard drive is optimized for daily operation wherein it can handle up to 64 HD cameras in home or business security environments that needs to run 24/7.

Watch the product overview of the WD Purple Surveillance Storage hard drives on the video below.

The WD Purple drives are optimized to withstand the demands of always-on NVR and DVR recording systems. WD Purple offer low power consumption which only uses the bare minimum for operation. It comes packed with advanced and exclusive Western Digital technologies that ensures its performance and reliability. Check out all these features below.

AllFrame 4K Technology
AllFrame 4K technology enhances ATA streaming support to help reduce video frame loss with proprietary cache policy management technology to improve overall data flow and playback. WD Purple 10TB HDDs include exclusive firmware enhancements that help protect against video pixilation and interruptions within a surveillance system.

HelioSeal Technology
HelioSeal technology enables higher storage capacity and lower power consumption. WD Purple 10TB HDD uses the third generation HelioSeal technology.

Scalable Surveillance Systems
Designed for 24x7 operations with support for multi-bay systems with an annualized workload rating of 180 TB/year and tarnish-resistant components, WD Purple 10TB drives are ready for use in demanding high-performance, high-definition small- or large-scale surveillance systems.

The new WD Purple 10TB hard drive is now available and has an MSRP of $399.99.

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