Western Digital Outs Third-Gen WD PiDrive Solution

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WDLabs of Western Digital offers third generation of the WD PiDrive Foundation Products which combines microSD and USB drive functions. Using an operating system installation software, the WD PiDrive is an affordable and integrated storage system solution for Raspberry Pi users. With the Wi PiDrive storage solutions, creating Raspberry Pi projects can be done quickly and easily. The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition is available in USB Hard Drive and USB Flash versions.

Hassle-Free Operating System Installer
The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition drives include a preloaded microSD flash card with a custom version of New Out of the Box Software (NOOBS) which is pre-configures with Raspbian Lite and Raspbian PIXEL. With this starter operating systems and installer, Raspberry Pi users can get started with ease, download and install multiple OS into the flash drive or hard drive directly.

Space to Explore
The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition drives also has the new Project Spaces installer. With this, users can run multiple operating systems and projects from the same hard drive or flash drive. Project Spaces allows the user to partition the WD PiDrive into pre-configured work spaces and customize the drive based on the user’s specific needs.

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition, Hard Drive

The WD PiDrive Foundation Edition Hard Drive uses a custom magnetic recording and electrical system design that significantly reduces the power consumption of the drive to the Raspberry Pi. It is offered in two capacities; a 375GB version for $37.49 and a 250GB version for $28.99.
Hard Drive version comes with:
- Native USB 7mm HDD
- microSD™ card (preloaded)
- WD PiDrive Cable
- 2-year Limited Warranty

WD PiDrive Foundation Edition, Flash Drive

The Flash Drive version features a low profile design, storage space in a very compact and portable device. The USB flash drive fits into the USB ports of the Raspberry Pi and is just enough to leave a smaller hardware footprint. The Flash Drive version comes in a 64GB flash drive capacity only for $18.99.
Flash Drive version comes with:
- Native USB Flash Drive
- microSD™ card (preloaded)
- USB 2.0
- 1-year Limited Warranty

For more information on WDLabs’s WD PiDrive Foundation Edition drives, visit the WD website.

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