Western Digital Presents Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅12.11.2018 23:57:44
Press Release

Western Digital enters in-memory computing segment with the new Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive with memory capacity for real-time data processing, application caching, scaling databases and cloud services. The Ultrastar Memory Extension Drives offer a cost-efficient, near-DRAM performance for companies to expand memory pools sizes up to 8X the DRAM capacity. With larger memory pools, application developers can take advantage of memory-aware performance and capacity optimizations, and expand faster data processing across many applications and workloads.

The Ultrastar DC ME200 Memory Extension Drive is ideal for in-memory applications such as Redis™, Memcached, Apache Spark™ and large-scale databases, providing higher capacities over current storage-class memory products. It is capable of different applications and workloads including Real-Time Analytics, Web-scale caching, High-Performance Computing (HPC), Genomics, Cloud Services, Hosting Providers, Telcos, Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), and IoT Time Series Analysis.

The Ultrastar Extension Memory Drive series is drop-in ready and PCIe-device compatible with most Intel® x86 servers. It is available in 1TiB, 2TiB and 4TiB and installation will not require modifications to the operating system, system hardware, firmware or application stacks. For expandability, a 1U server can typically support up to 24TiB of system memory using the Ultrastar DC ME200 drive for in-memory compute clusters. Supported server interfaces are NVMe™ U.2 and PCIe AIC (add-in-card) HH-HL.

Learn more about the WD Ultrastar DC ME200 Extension Memory Drive here.

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