Windows Live Messenger 2009 URLs not working in chat windows?

👤by David Mitchelson Comments 📅20.11.2010 00:48:46
For over 3 weeks now, we have heard of reports saying that users have been having trouble sending URLs to friends when using MSN Windows Live Messenger. Hyperlinks are not parsing and users are having to copy and paste URLs in an effort to visit a website that they have been linked. If you do a Google search for this issue, the internet is riddled with forum posts highlighting this very issue and it seems that the problems arose only a few weeks preceding the launch of 2011.

Windows Live Messenger 2011 was released at the very beginning of October and MSN have been pushing users to move to the new release of their IM with update reminders and of course all the marketing that goes along with it.

Windows Live Messenger 2011 is a drastic move away from its predecessor Live Messenger 2009. The GUI for a start has many new features, characteristics and reacts in a totally different manner to previous Messenger versions. Many users are finding these new changes too much to grasp. Many of the contacts that I have in my list have complained and down-graded to the 2009 version. I have tried Windows Live Messenger 2011 myself and I do agree with the concerns that have been expressed. 2011 is a big step away from the traditional messenger experience.

If you pause and think about these issues (Not being able to post URLs to contacts properly) and that they have suddenly struck a vast majority of MSN Windows Live Messenger 2009 users you begin to wonder, are MSN pushing people into installing Windows Live Messenger 2011. It certainly seems that this is this case. It almost feels as though 2009 has been deliberately broken in an attempt to move people in 2011 direction. Effectively breaking the previous version of an application to force users to the latest version is not uncommon amongst developers.

So what options are there? There are none. Move to Live Messenger 2011 or an alternative IM client.

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