Wireless, Silent & Fabric-Covered? Speedlink Present The CIUS Mouse

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Weertzen, 12 July 2018 - The electronics specialist Speedlink presents the CIUS: a wireless, fabric-covered mouse with silent buttons.

With the wireless CIUS, Speedlink has added a stylish mouse to its lineup that’s dressed to impress. It features an innovative fabric covering, which is available in three colours, plus side strips that glow blue. Despite screaming out in the looks department, the mouse won’t make a sound thanks to its two silent buttons which dampen clicking noise by up to 90% compared to standard buttons. Whether in the office or on the train, neither colleagues nor fellow passengers will be disturbed.

When not in use the mouse can be switched off really easily thanks to its on/off switch, so it doesn’t go activating itself accidentally in the bag. Its robust 2.4GHz technology allows convenient use anywhere within an 8m radius of the computer, while the powerful adjustable 1,600dpi sensor tracks even the slightest of movements with pin-point accuracy.

The CIUS is available in a grey, blue or red fabric covering, so there’s a colour scheme to suit every taste. And with an RRP of €14.99, this eye-catcher comes at a stunning price.

CIUS Features & Select Specifications

- Article number: SL-630014-GR/BE/RE
- Wireless mouse
- 8m wireless range
- 2 silent buttons
- Scroll wheel plus button
- DPI switch
- On/off switch
- Ambidextrous design
- Blue glow

Sensor resolution: 800/1,200/1,600dpi
Connection: Wireless receiver (USB-A)
Dimensions: 95 × 55 × 39mm (L × W × H)
Weight: 60g
Battery included

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