Wooting Partners with Seasonic For Distribution of Its Mechanical Keyboards

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅03.11.2018 00:38:51

Wooting partners with Seasonic for the distribution of its analogue mechanical keyboards to the PC gaming market. Wooting aims to take advantage of Seasonic’s global presence and strength particularly in the European and American markets. The collaboration also aims to strengthen both brand’s offerings of products that excel in innovation, quality, and performance.

About Wooting

In 2016, a Kickstarter campaign for the Wooting One analogue mechanical keyboard gathered EUR 135,000 from backers for its design and creation. The Wooting One is an advanced analogue mechanical keyboard which aims to make analogue mechanical keyboard an industry standard.

Wooting One Analog Mechanical Keyboard

The Wooting One is the most advanced analogue mechanical keyboard with its pressure-sensitive keys. Users can adjust the actuation point to address personal preferences unlike any other keyboard. The Wooting One uses the advanced Flaretech Prism Switch that uses infrared. The switches are also hot-swappable allowing users to switch from Linear55 Red switches to Clicky55 Blue switches and vice versa. For durability, the Wooting One sports an AL5052 aluminium top plate with high-quality ABS base to endure intense gaming action. The Wootility software that’s created by actual gamers offers for customisations such as customisation of the per-key RGB lighting and Double Keystroke (D.K.S.) function.

The Wooting One uses a tenkeyless form-factor and sells for €139,99. Flaretech switch packs are sold separately which is available in Linear55 Red, Clicky55 Blue and Linear85 Black switch. Learn more about the Wooting One keyboard here.

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