World’s First Passively Cooled Gaming PC Soon to Arrive on Kickstarter

👤by Jamie Holmes Comments 📅27.03.2017 21:52:58
It has been a persistent idea and longstanding dream in the PC Gaming Universe to finally assemble a machine which is capable of pumping out incredible performance whilst also being dead silent doing it. The NSG S0 may just be that dream and they even appear to go a step further by embodying beautiful craftsmanship and very attractive design features.

The balance everyone battles with when building a performance PC is somehow managing to create a lightning fast machine without too much of the thunder. Unfortunately passively cooled systems have been notoriously awkward, immensely heavy and usually ineffective at keeping the temperatures down on high-end or overclocked computers. Despite this, fanless PCs are rapidly growing in popularity and for good reason. They rake in a variety of benefits from the blissful silence they bring, to the wallet pleasing energy savings, to my personal favourite, removing one of PC enthusiasts’ worst enemies, dust!

How does the NSG S0 achieve this?

The final design by of the NSG S0 is an open framed PC chassis built around two loop heat pipe technology and Phase-Change cooling. This allows the passive transportation of coolant from both the CPU and the GPU to the heatsink and promises excellent cooling power at 0dB.

The NSG S0 will eventually be sold as either an empty case with its patented cooling solution, or a fully functional pre-assembled system with high-end components such as the GTX 1080 Ti and i7 Processors. It will support all AMD / Intel motherboard chipsets and options for further customization such as additional HDDs and overclocking will also be available.

The NSG S0 is expected to be priced at around €479 for early adopters for case and cooling solution alone. This seems fairly steep but who can put a price on the long awaited peace and quiet we all deserve.

The kickstarter campaign begins on the 29th of March 2017 at 3pm and lasts for 30 days.

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