Cooler Master unveils X6 CPU Cooler

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Cooler Master, an industry leading enclosure, thermal solution, peripheral, and accessory manufacturer, showcases a tribute to their effort to continually innovate. The X6 CPU Cooler has arrived and is a daring new take on high performance cooling and design.

Bold Design and Innovative Features

Designed for overclockers and gamers, X6 is adorned in a satin black finish with crimson red fan blades and accents. The heatsink employs a unique honeycomb fin structure to maximize surface area for cooling. This is used in conjunction with an angled base that acts as a means to increase overall airflow throughout the chassis. Clever air duct deployment on the outer shell directs airflow to pass over critical cooling areas. X6 also comes equipped with a high performance PWM controlled fan that can be adjusted via BIOS or OS-based motherboard tuning applications.

Quick-snap for Easy Maintenance and Installation

Ease of use is often applied to mounting systems or other system components, but fan attachment can wind up being neglected. X6 breathes new life into this lost path by coming with time-saving quick-snap fan brackets that make installation and removal a simple affair. These quick-snap brackets means that fan maintenance times will become significantly shorter. Simply release a few tabs and the fan is free to be cleaned. Reattach everything in a few seconds and go back to enjoying the immense cooling power of the X6.

Gaming on a Budget

X6 Elite, the answer to building the best looking and performing gaming system on a budget. Much like Cooler Master Elite Series cases represent the best value for dollar in DIY system building, X6 Elite joins the fray to do the same for CPU Cooling in the U.S. and Canada. It focuses less on aesthetic flair and incorporates minor changes to performance to achieve a well balanced setup. Whichever the choice may be, X6 and X6 Elite represent excellent choices for users of every level.

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