XFX officially stops doing Nvidia

👤by Connell Parr Comments 📅12.10.2010 17:59:24

The company will bring an outstanding array AMD next-generation graphics to market in October and November and it will compete aggressively against Fermi. Enough is enough, say XFX to Nvidia’s recent action to de-authorise them from the approved partner list.

Many people are not aware of the fact that until last Friday, XFX was actually selling and supporting Nvidia cards, just not Fermi based ones. The story is rather simple. Last year, XFX started selling ATI, Nvidia got mad and told them that they won’t get Fermi based cards. XFX wanted to offer AMD boards and many gamers actually saw this as a great move and because it could make some nice money and market share of course.

Nvidia didn’t cut XFX completely off as the company continued to sell anything from Nvidia but Fermi. Over the summer Nvidia launched the rest of Geforce GTX 400 family, but they didn’t give any to XFX.

XFX told us earlier that as of this day, they officially stop selling any Nvidia cards. This is a direct action after Nvidia’s decision to de-authorise XFX from approved partner list. The decision to stop working with Nvidia doesn’t surprise us as Nvidia simply didn’t send any Fermi chips to XFX and they were encouraging channel partners not to work with XFX, and therefore XFX simply could not sell enough Nvidia cards.

So the partnership is over from both sides and end users can simply stop hoping to see any Nvidia based XFX cards in any near future. Of course end users will suffer and they will simple have to go in some other Nvidia partner's direction.

AMD will of course be jumping to the roof as they and their supporters will profit. If you want XFX you will have to match it with AMD which potentially means more sales for AMD’s graphics part, something that we use to call ATI.

Cy Brown, XFX Vice president of sales in Europe has confirmed the move. Nvidia Europe on the other hand did not wish to comment.

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