XMG Go Ultimate With Two New Extreme-Performance Intel Haswell Laptops

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London, January 2015 – The new XMG ULTIMATE series by laptop-manufacturer Schenker Technologies offers complete customisation for components. They are the first range of laptops to offer the use of the powerful Haswell-generation Intel® desktop-CPUs. The new NVIDIA® GeForce graphics cards offer up to 8GB of VRAM and are the fastest solutions currently available for laptops. They offer up to 32GB RAM and SSDs that are connected via PCI-Express leading to superior performance. The fan control gives the choice of three custom made profiles and the laptops also offer displays with up to 4K resolution.

The current trend for new laptops is to create thinner and lighter devices, however, this often creates problems with high temperatures and devices which are hard to maintain or upgrade. Both gamers and professional users still demand power without these compromises, they want reliability and the possibility to configure their device to suit their needs. With the XMG ULTIMATE series, Schenker Technologies offers devices which are not only visually attractive but also fully configurable.

The XMG ULTIMATE series laptops, the U505 and the U705, can be equipped with Haswell-Generation Intel® i5- and i7-Desktop-Processors in Socket 1150. The processors can be upgraded later and offer performance which can otherwise only be found in powerful desktop computers. The NVIDIA Maxwell graphics cards feature up to 8GB VRAM and as a result offer more computing power than the solutions of other gaming laptops.

The devices can be equipped with up to 32GB RAM. Flash memory can be attached to the M.2-PCI-Express slots so access times are faster and data transfer rates are higher than with common SATA-Ports.

“Many of our customers are professional or ambitious gamers”, said Robert Schenker, founder of Schenker Technologies, “they demand maximum power, reliability and the possibility to adapt their devices to their needs. The new ULTIMATE series meets those requirements.”

Since both the processor and graphics card have purpose-built cooling circuits, the hardware can work with maximum clock speeds, even under sustained loads. This, matched with the fan control with different presets, allows the user to choose if he wants the device to operate very quietly or very cool. The XMG ULTIMATE Series can also impress acoustically – thanks to Sound Blaster® X-FI® MB3 and Onkyo® brand-speakers.

Despite the fantastic cooling system and the impressive specification, even the 17" XMG U705 remains a mobile companion that weighs in at less than 4kg. Thanks to the large access panels of the chassis the installation of additional components and the cleaning of the cooling system is easier than ever before.

The XMG ULTIMATE-Series also offers great flexibility when it comes to their displays. The 15.6" IPS display of XMG U505 is also available with 4K resolution or a non-reflective WQHD+ panel. The non-glare 17.3" FHD–Panel, for the XMG U705, provides great response time for fast action titles due to the TN-panel. A variant of the XMG P705 with IPS display will also be available shortly.

Price and availability

The XMG U505 and U705 are both fully configurable and available now from mysn.co.uk. The U505 starts from £1119 and the U705 starts from £1185.

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