XMG Present Their First Customisable Gaming PC

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Cologne, Gamescom 2014 Schenker Technologies is introducing its very first gaming PC today at Gamescom in Cologne. The XMG PRIME is a fully customisable PC in a small ITX chassis, designed especially for the high demands of gaming.

The XMG Prime offers a premium selection of carefully tested components with the highest performance in a compact format. Thanks to the maintenance-free water cooling and cutting-edge PSU, this PC gaming PC is extremely quiet. With its elegant, timeless design, it is equally comfortable in the living room or home office. As with all XMG products, all components including processor, graphics card, memory and motherboard are fully configurable. Thus, the XMG PRIME can be customised with Intel Core i7-4790, a NVIDIA GTX 780 Ti and up to 20 TB of storage. The unbeatable XMG PRIME Gaming PC is now available at XMG (www.mysn.co.uk) from 920.

Over the years, XMG have established themselves as one of the premier gaming laptop manufacturers in Europe and are well known among gamers and industry professionals alike. Now they are further expanding their product portfolio and, for the first time ever, releasing a gaming PC. With its first gaming PC, XMG has remained true to its moniker, specially designed gaming products to meet the needs of high-end gaming. The XMG PRIME chassis comes in mini-ITX form with the following dimensions: 250 x 210 x 374 mm (W H D), in a contemporary cube design with sleek black on brushed aluminum. Finally the chassis is complemented by color customisations throughout in XMG- neon green. The case offers space for up to four hard drives, the mini-ITX mainboard, has up to eight USB ports and audio inputs and outputs. The gaming PC comes standard with a maintenance-free water cooling and a powerful premium power supply.

Fully configurable pro-class components

The inner workings of the XMG PRIME are widely configurable. All available components have been carefully selected and tested by the manufacturer for quality and harmony between each component. The choice of processors starts with Intel Core i5-4590 and extends to the Core i7-4790. The NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti offers the base specification for graphics, however customers can choose up to a GTX 780 Ti. The XMG PRIME can be equipped with up to 16GB of RAM and four hard drive connectors accommodate up to 20 TB of storage.

Pricing and Availability

The XMG PRIME gaming PC is available immediately from XMG/Schenker Technologies. Pricing starts at 920 / 1149 EUR for the base configuration with Intel Core i5 processor, NVIDIA GTX 750 Ti graphics card and 8GB RAM and a three year standard warranty. More information about XMG PRIME is available at www.xmg.gg/prime. At the time of press release, the company was planning to place the XMG Prime with carefully selected retailers.

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