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Press Release

XPG today launched the XPG BATTLECRUISER II Super Mid-Tower chassis to markets around the globe. Building upon the success of the first BATTLECRUISER chassis, this E-ATX case features a long list of improvements based on feedback from the community and key upcoming trends in both chassis design and cooling offerings and improvements. The new XPG BATTLECRUISER II chassis prioritizes convenience in the PC building and maintenance. In addition to the 4 glass panels, there are three easy-to-clean magnetic dust filters, an adjustable GPU holder, and an improved Smart Cable Management design. For more demanding builders, a higher-end version bundled with the XPG PRIME BOX is available, for unlimited lighting customization options and thermal design control via XPG PRIME ecosystem management software.

Award-Winning Design
XPG BATTLECRUISER II was built upon the impressive foundation and design philosophy of the original BATTLECRUISER. Based on XPG’s:Exoskeleton design language, it pairs aesthetics with functionality. Every corner of your system is on show thanks to the 4 glass side panels and improved cable management solutions. The most noticeable and most requested design change is the additional 65mm in height compared to the previous generation, to allow better spacing for 360mm radiators on top, as well as increased airflow efficiency with up to 420mm radiator compatibility in the front. The interior mechanical design was completely revised to facilitate tool-less assembly for a convenient, uncompromised PC building experience. Furthermore, the I/O panel includes a USB Type-C port that has been updated to route to motherboards via a Type-E internal connector, capable of both Gen2x1 and Gen2x2 speeds (10Gb and 20Gb respectively) based on the user’s motherboard capabilities, instead of the previous generation IDC 20-Pin blue connector.

A Clean, Customized Building Experience
XPG subscribes to the philosophy that building a PC should be both a pleasant and personal experience. When you decide to build a DIY PC, you’re not just creating a system. You’re creating your system. Several customization options and tools make XPG BATTLECRUISER II the perfect case to build whatever you want however you want to. The included GPU holder allows users to adjust the height from 52 – 134mm, to support countless GPU models and orientations. The cable management hub provides plenty of space for all your cables, and the additional PSU Shroud helps hide them from judgmental eyes. Finally, XPG PRIME BOX allows users to customize lighting and thermal management for all compatible devices and the included 4 ARGB Vento fans.

The premium models of XPG BATTLECRUISER II come bundled with XPG PRIME BOX. This handy accessory enables users to synchronize lighting effects across multiple ARGB devices without the need for an ARGB-compatible motherboard. With the power of XPG PRIME free ecosystem management software, anyone can produce stunning lighting effects across all their devices in just a few clicks. Create gorgeous, synchronized light shows that match your mood, or sync with in-game events to make your gaming environment more immersive. XPG PRIME software also allows you to design your airflow profile to take full control of your thermals or let an algorithm do it for you.

XPG did not reveal pricing as of this writing. To learn more, please visit the product page links below.
[url=https://www.xpg.com/en/xpg/pc-components-prime-box]XPG PRIME BOX ARGB and PWM Fan Controller