XPG Introduces VENTO PRO 120 PWM Fan

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.11.2020 14:55:58
Press Release

XPG, a division of ADATA, introduces the VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan based on Nidec’s famous Gentle Typhoon fan design. The XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan is designed in collaboration with Nidec, delivers high static pressure of up to 3.15mm H2O, and can pull up to 75 CFM airflow. The VENTO PRO 120 PWM is perfect to be used as an intake or exhaust fan on liquid cooling radiators.

The XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM also includes a 4-Pin connector supporting Pulse Width Modulation (PWM), to dynamically adjust the fan speed by motherboard software controls for smooth speed transitioning. For convenience and enhanced modding, multiple VENTO PRO 120 PWMs can now be daisy-chained together to operate as one unit. It features a modular cable design with flat black 4-pin PWM cable.

"We congratulate XPG on the launch of the VENTO PRO 120 PWM and are delighted that our fan design is a part of it,” said Masayuki Mohri, President & CEO at Nidec. “Along with the incredible cooling capabilities of our Gentle Typhoon fan, we trust gamers and others will revel in the extreme performance offered by the XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM.”

XPG VENTO PRO 120 PWM Specifications
Dimensions: 120x120x25mm
Bearing Type: Dual Bearings
Connector: 4-pin PWM
Speed: 450-2150RPM +-10%
Maximum Airflow: 75 CFM
Maximum Static Pressure: 3.15 mm H₂O
Noise Level: 10 - 28dBA (Max)
Fan Rated Voltage: 12V
Fan Starting Voltage: 5V
Fan Rated Current: 0.16A (Max)
Power: 1.56W
Fan Protection: Auto-Restart
Weight: 210 grams
Cable Length: 620mm + 10mm (including a 450mm extension cable)
MTTF Rating: 250000 hours @ 25°C or 60000 hours @ 60°C
Warranty: 5 years

XPG did not reveal pricing as of this writing. Learn more about the VENTO PRO 120 PWM fan at XPG.com

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