XPG Launches New High-Frequency LANCER DDR5-7200 Memory Alongside ROG and MERA Edition Kits

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XPG, a division of ADATA, announces the launch of high-performance DDR5 memory kits for the latest Intel Z790 platform with the new LANCER DDR5-7200 memory series. Launched last year, the XPG LANCER DDR5 memory series is the brand’s first DDR5 gaming memory offering, first available in speeds of up to DDR5-5200.

Today, the LANCER DDR5 memory series goes up to DDR5-7200. XPG also announces the LANCER DDR5 ROG Edition and LANCER DDR5 MERA Edition memory kits in DDR5-6400 and DDR5-7200 frequencies, respectively. The XPG LANCER RGB 7200 DDR5 MERA limited edition memory kit features Mera – XPG’s brand ambassador.

Press Release
XPG today announced ADATA and XPG's full range DRAM modules are compatible with the latest Intel Z790 platforms, ensuring optimal stability and performance. Meanwhile, XPG also announced the launch of the new XPG LANCER 7200 DDR5 memory series, including the LANCER RGB MERA Limited Edition and the LANCER RGB ROG Certified Edition to provide more high-frequency DDR5 memory kits for the next generation of gaming.

XPG LANCER DDR5 Reaches Speeds up to 7200MT/s
XPG LANCER 7200 DDR5 memory features Hynix A-die chips for easy overclocking. This allows gamers to overclock their systems to higher speeds quickly and easily. The LANCER 7200 series comes in variants with or without RGB lighting. They also come with two heat sink colour options to meet different aesthetic preferences, including Midnight Black and Snow White. Taking advantage of Intel’s launch of the latest 13th Gen Intel Core Processor family, XPG took the initiative to launch the XPG LANCER DDR5 7200 to upgrade with Z790 motherboards, which are estimated to be available in the market by November.

High-Speed Gaming with XPG's Brand Ambassador, MERA
XPG also launched the LANCER RGB 7200 DDR5 MERA limited edition. This module features XPG's brand ambassador, Mera, on the unique heatsink design. It is available in capacities of up to 16GB and comes in double-channel options. Moreover, the MERA limited edition comes with ARGB LEDs, for added aesthetic value. Enjoy the superior performance of DDR5 memory and customizable RGB with your favourite gamer.

ROG Overclocking with XPG
XPG and the Republic of Gamers (ROG) have teamed up to deliver the ultimate DDR5 experience for ROG users. The XPG LANCER RGB ROG CERTIFIED 6400 memory module has undergone extensive testing by ROG for compatibility with ROG Intel® DDR5 series motherboards. This means ROG users can enjoy guaranteed overclocking performance at levels of optimization that other DRAM units just can't compete with. Once "ROG Certified" mode has been enabled in the BIOS, which can be operated at speeds up to 6600MT/s with the one-click overclocking function, users can enjoy an enhanced gaming experience.

The LANCER RGB ROG CERTIFIED 6400 is expected to be available globally in November.

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