XPG Launches PRECOG ANALOG Gaming Headset

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅10.09.2020 17:55:23
Press Release

XPG launches the XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset sporting hybrid electrostatic-dynamic drivers and ergonomic ear cups covered in a skin-friendly fabric for long-session comfort. It also uses XPG’s patented Pro Player Breathable Ear Cushions for a natural fit that won’t press the user’s head. The gaming headset is also certified with Hi-Res audio and comes equipped with a detachable high-sensitivity microphone and is fully customizable with the purchase of additional accessories.

The XPG PRECOG ANALOG it the world’s first gaming headset to feature dual electrostatic-dynamic drivers that deliver crisp and clear high-frequency sound. The driver’s thin and lightweight diaphragms generate sound across their entire surface and offer fast transient response times. Meanwhile, the dynamic drivers offer deep bass and solid low-frequency sound. The XPG PRECOG ANALOG has a frequency response of 5Hz-50,000Hz to deliver enhanced sound quality for a heightened level of immersion during gameplay.

Key Features
The World's First Hybrid Electrostatic / Dynamic Dual Driver Gaming Headset
Hi-Res Audio Certified
Ergonomic Ear Cushions
Rotatable Ear Cup
Auto-Adjust Headband
Detachable High-Sensitivity Microphone
3.5mm interface (Type-C Port for expandability via Accessories)
2-Year warranty

XPG did not reveal pricing as of this writing. To learn more about the XPG PRECOG ANALOG gaming headset, please visit XPG.com