YouTube Studio Gets Better Insights and New Metrics

👤by Michael Pabia Comments 📅08.03.2018 01:30:57

YouTube Studio is YouTube’s tool where creators can upload videos, manage the channel and grow the channel. Launched on beta last June 2017, YouTube Studio provides helpful feedback to improve creator’s channel. Today, YouTube Studio will have a new dashboard that will feature three new metrics - YouTube Analytics – Impressions, Impressions click-through rate, and Unique Viewers. The new dashboard aims to deliver more information and personalized news about your channel.

YouTube Studio Dashboard

The new YouTube Studio Dashboard will give creators a quick overview of their channel along with helpful information and metrics. The dashboard shows the latest uploaded videos, quick access to news and personalized recommendations. Here are the sections featured in the new dashboard:

Video Snapshot: You'll get a snapshot of how your newest video is performing compared to your previous uploads over the same time period.
Personalized Recommendations: Shows content based on the specific needs of your channel. In the future, this tool will also help you understand why videos from other channels perform better offering a helpful feedback for future growth and direction of your channel.
News: The news section will deliver the latest updates from across YouTube and everything around the YouTube creator community.

New Metrics

Impressions: An Impression is counted when a viewer on YouTube sees one of your video thumbnails. Impressions tell you the potential reach of your content on YouTube since each impression is an opportunity to earn a view.
Impressions click-through rate: Shows you the percentage of your impressions on YouTube that turned into views.
Unique Viewers: Unique viewers shows the estimated number of different people who watch your videos over a period of time.

Source: YouTube Creator Blog

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