Zotac Tease A75 Motherboard

👤by Tony Le Bourne Comments 📅22.09.2011 01:13:49

Zotac with their 8x USB 3.0 and FM1 socket shot depicting the DX11 capabilities of the AMD A series APUs, this can mean one of several scenarios, the most likely being the release of an A75 ITX board.

8x USB 3.0 printed next to yellow DIMMs.

The tell tale markings of the FM1 socket with Dual Gigabit Lan printed alongside.

Zotac have a reputation of cramming ITX boards with as many features as possible and it is likely that this will be no exception, with the 8x USB 3.0 statement clear to see by the dual channel memory DIMMs as well as dual gigabit lan. Announcement is expected tomorrow.

+1 on the Black and Yellow.

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