ZOWIE XL2740 e-Sports Monitor Features Swift 240Hz Native Refresh Rate

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ZOWIE, a division of BenQ, releases the XL2740 e-Sports monitor. The ZOWIE XL2740 is a larger version of the XL2540 with the same set of premium features that target the professional e-Sports scene with its demanding requirements to achieve the smoothest, clearest and most responsive visual experience fit for competitive gamers. The XL2740 sports a native refresh rate of 240Hz for gaming setups that can generate such ultra-fast and flawless gameplay.

ZOWIE XL2740 Key Features

Native 240Hz Refresh Rate – Get the most fluid gameplay with ZOWIE XL2740’s native refresh rate of 240Hz. Enjoy flawless visuals of fast-motion and dramatic transitions consistently. ZOWIE recommends a graphics card of at least an NVIDIA GeForce GTX 980 or better or AMD Radeon RX 480 or better.
Shield - ZOWIE e-Sports monitors sport a visual shield and the XL2740 isn’t an exemption. The shield helps gamers to focus on the screen and block peripheral vision outside the monitor which can distract focus. It has an adjustable angle and also removable to adapt in various environments.
Black eQualizer – ZOWIE’s Black eQualizer helps FPS gamers to spot hidden enemies by increasing visibility in dark scenes without overexposing bright areas. It can be fine-tuned under low brightness settings to achieve the desired comfort.
Optimize Gaming Precision - Colour Vibrance gives you the flexibility to easily tune preferred colour tone and makes colour grading more defined. With 20 levels of Colour Vibrance settings, you can get specific viewing requirements and preferences for all types of gameplay.
Personalized Viewing Angles – The ZOWIE XL2740 comes with an ergonomic stand which can be height adjusted with only one finger. Tilt and adjust the viewing angle to obtain the best viewing angle.
S-Switch – The ZOWIE XL Series monitors come with the S-Switch which is an on-the-fly control switch. Save up to 3 profiles and switch in between profiles in just one click.
Game Modes – Switch between the preset game modes with a touch of a button using the S-Switch to attain the best visuals per game genre.

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Pricing and Availability
The ZOWIE XL2740 27-inch 240Hz e-Sports Monitor is for pre-order at partner resellers worldwide with an MSRP of $599.00. Shipping starts in January 2018. For more information, visit the product page at https://zowie.benq.com/en/product/monitor/xl/xl2740.html

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