AMD Radeon HD 7770 Images and Specs

04-01-2012 by Tony Le Bourne
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With the Radeon 7000 series rolling out, some may want to see a more value concious offering, HD 7770 has now been revealed.

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ASUS Prepare a Direct CU Silent 6770

02-08-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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ASUS ready a passive cooled 6770 as part of their DirectCU range. Having no fan this means it is a zero noise solution.

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HIS Launches New 6770 IceQ X Graphics Card Range

21-07-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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Today HIS launched the new 6770 IceQ X graphics card range, fully equipped with HISí awarding-winning IceQ X air-cooling technology.

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