AMD 1090FX and 1070 Chipset Information

08-11-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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DonanimHaber have revealed a Slide that details coming chipsets from AMD early 2012 including the coming 1090FX.

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AMD, 1090FX, AM3+, zambezi, piledriver, vishera, volan, trinity, FM1, FM2, 1070, A85

AMD's First FM2 Chipset Revealed

17-10-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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VR Zone managed to stumble across something interesting on the USB-IF certified product list. AMDs next-gen Fusion platform.

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amd, trinity, komodo, vishera, volan, fm1, fm2, fusion, piledriver, radeon, A75, hudson d3, hudson m3, a70, a85X

Piledriver Cores to give 10% extra performance

04-10-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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A slide has been leaked showing some details of AMD's next FX core details AKA 'Piledriver, the follow up to Zambezi.

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amd, trinity, komodo, bulldozer, zambezi, am3+, cpu, volan, vishera

AMD Reshapes Future Roadmap While More Delays Expected

07-09-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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Xbit Labs Project possible delays on AMD's coming FX-CPUs while telling of a radical reshape in AMD's roadmap.

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AMD, komodo, trinity, piledriver, bulldozer, zambezi, scorpius, corona, vishera, volan, am3+, fm1, fm2, fusion