AMD Ends Wichita and Krishna APUs?

16-11-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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A report from SemiAccurate suggests that AMD may have scrapped plans for the Brazos platform's sucessor, Deccan.

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Next-Gen Wichita and Krishna APUs Detailed

16-08-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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AMD have released some details about their next-gen APUs and the coming 'Deccan' platform set to replace the 'Brazos' platform.

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AMD 2012 Roadmap revealed

15-07-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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Some interesting information has been released by AMD regarding future products to come in 2012.

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Intel's Next-Gen Atom to get Higher Frequencies

11-05-2011 by Tony Le Bourne
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Intel will be bumping up the speeds of the future Atom 'Cedarview' SoC to be more competitive against AMD's Fusion APUs for small form factors and netbooks. Speeds of the D2000 series are set to hit over 2GHz and are set to be released Q4 2011.

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