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Razer Basilisk Ultimate Review

Posted by: Tim Harmer on: 30-07-2021 [ 0 comment(s) ]

A deluxe design from the definitive enthusiast peripheral brand, the Basilisk Ultimate seeks to be the one true wireless mouse for any gaming need. How does it shape up in today's specialised ecosystem?

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Colorful iGAME RTX 3070 Ti Advanced OC-V Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 16-07-2021 [ 0 comment(s) ]

Looking to upgrade your graphics card and struggling to decide which GPU to go with? We review the RTX 3070 Ti by way of the Colorful iGame RTX 3070 Ti Advanced OC-V.

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Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 12-07-2021 [ 0 comment(s) ]

A new model of AERO 15 OLED is here - now with the Intel 11th Gen. Core i7-11800 processor and the NVIDIA RTX 3080. Looking for a powerful laptop?

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SteelSeries PRIME and PRIME+ Review

Posted by: Tim Harmer on: 10-07-2021 [ 0 comment(s) ]

The new PRIME series returns to the fundamentals by focusing and new sensor technology and optical switch technology while keeping the weight down. But does it live up to the SteelSeries pedigree?

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MSI Stealth 15M A11UEK Review

Posted by: David Mitchelson on: 07-06-2021 [ 0 comment(s) ]

We take a look at our first Intel 11th Gen and RTX 30 Series combo with the new MSI Stealth 15M gaming laptop. Should this affordable laptop be on your shortlist?

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