The Ultimate Cooling Fan Grouptest 2012 Review

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Titan Kukri; XSPC 120mm and 140mm Xinruilian fans

Titan Kukri

This fan is sometimes advertised as an “Evercool Titan Kukri.” You might think that Evercool is the contract manufacturer, but a perusal of the Titan website indicates of plethora of fans with many variations. In short, it looks like a manufacturer’s website. So the Evercool connection -- if it is not a mistake -- is a mystery.

The Kukri appears to be modeled after the Gentle Typhoon. Titan says:
With the constant demand of better computing performance, the energy consumption rises to meet users’ expectations which eventually results into heat increase. To prevent the over-heating problem for your computer, TITAN introduces the newly innovative kurkri fan, TFD-12025H12ZP/KU(RB). Its name originates from a symbolic weapon for Gurkha regiments and the Nepali Army which represents the courage of the bearer in the battlefield.

The nine curved blades are designed to produce stronger air pressure, speeding up the heat dissipation, and maintain a lower noise level.

Product Page: Here

The fan comes with screws, a Molex to 3-pin adapter, four little rubber washers with a sticky side, and four vibration isolators. Those last are 35mm long but shaped so that they do not extend through the thickness of the fan, so they cannot be grasped on the other side and pulled through. You must have access to the corners to use them.

XSPC 120mm Xinruilian fans

XSPC is a radiator seller based in the UK. They offer fans from Xinruilian, who describe themselves as a manufacturer. The fans offered are the RDL1225S, at 1200 rpm and 1650 rpm, the RDM1225S at 2000 rpm and the RDM1425S at 1350 rpm. They are sleeve bearing fans, yet XSPC confidently sells them for use in any orientation. The fan shown above is the 120mm RDM1225S-2000. The fan below is the 140mm RDM1425S.

They describe these fans as “Designed for XSPC radiators and cases,” with:
- Low Noise (~29dbA)
- Operating Voltage Range 5.5-13.8V
- 3 Pin Power Connector
- RPM Monitor Wire
- 45cm Wire
- Open Corners
- 25mm Depth

For the 140mm RDM1425S they specify ‘Closed Corners.’

Product Page XSPC RDL1225S 1200: Here
Product Page XSPC RDL1225S 1650: Here
Product Page XSPC RDM 1225S 2000: Here
Product Page XSPC RDM 1425S: Here

The 120mm fans are solid. Xinruilian (at also sells these fans with ball bearings. A unique feature (at least of the XSPC fans) is that the heatshrink tubing starts inside the hub, crosses the strut and extends more than an inch beyond the frame, perhaps more than 30mm. Then the close mesh sleeving takes over.

Xinruilian is also the source of XSPC’s 140mm fan. The frame appears identical to that of some other 140mm fans, so the provenance must not be taken for granted. Xinruilian makes fans. Did they make these fans? Who can tell? In any case, XSPC says they are as ‘Designed for XSPC radiators and cases.’ Unlike the 120mm Xinruilian fans, which were strongly built, this 140mm specimen was ordinary, and resembled some other fans. And like a typical sleeve bearing fan, it had increased vibration when its output was pointed upward. But it has the XSPC/Xinruilian from-the-hub heatshrink tubing that extends more than an inch beyond the frame, leading to black sleeving. It looks nice.

As sleeve bearing fans these should best not be employed with their airflow directed upward. Before you install a sleeve bearing fan, open the label, remove the plug and put oil in the well. Every six months you should check the well and add more oil if it is needed. Your sleeve bearing fan will last longer this way. The XSPC fans were supplied by, the US vendor.

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